My Phantom Liberty Journey.

This is my journey in night city dogtown phantom liberty. I couldn’t wait to play this dlc after loving cyberpunk2077 but hated all the updates. I couldn’t wait to get all phantom liberty trophies because most of them said ultra rare and I got them all in a couple
Of days. I couldnt post all the videos because ... I can’t upload for two weeks now. read all descriptions when available and Playlist description.
I got all these ultra rare trophies 🏆 in a couple of days of first playing. I couldn’t resist when I saw so many ultra rare trophies. You even turned some to very rare when they saw how easy I got them.
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Y’all killing me. I needed to copy and paste my post.
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[...] had some of my videos deleted and my account restricted so I can’t finish the videos. And I got some new ones to add too that people ask me to do. She deleted two whole sets of videos and more. Including PANAM and I first time together.
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