Gig: A lack of empathy BUG

So, I completed the Gig: A lack of empathy. However, it still shows on the map as available and I can still deposit my weapons in the cabinet with no other actions or changes happen for the gig mission.

I know this is a small issue. But, is it being looked at?

So the datas was send to Dino ?
There no objective when you select the GIG directly on the map ?
If you have a save just before starting the GIG, it could be "good" :)
If yes, you could try that for complete it (it's very quick).
If nothing has been changed in 1.3 obviously.
Outside, in front of the entrance, you go left, follow the building, pass the Quadra (if you haven't bought it) and you will come to a small open area. There is an exterior exit of the club. To get there, jump on the dumpster then on the railing. Finally, with either your physical or technical skills, you open the door or the shutter (discreetly). You knock the guy out, you retrieve the datas on the computer and go out where you entered (don't forget recovering what is in the container). The objective will be completed, the bonus also and normally the quest should no longer appear on the map.
Hey, my account is new so I'm trying to get posts to make a thread to solve these. I've found how to solve all gigs using CET. Then update the gig count for fixers and force start gig tiers if need be.
I don't have a solution without using Cyber Engine Tools, but here is how you can solve this specific gig if you want to go that route.
For anyone reading, the following steps are exclusive to A Lack of Empathy and should be followed in order.

Make this gig your tracked quest.
Open console commands and use this script
journalManager = Game.GetJournalManager()

trackedEntry = journalManager:GetTrackedEntry()

questEntry = journalManager:GetParentEntry(journalManager:GetParentEntry(trackedEntry))

questEntryHash = journalManager:GetEntryHash(questEntry)

journalManager:ChangeEntryStateByHash(questEntryHash, 3, 2)
That solves the journal aspect. To update Dino's gig count, open console commands and use this script
Game.SetDebugFact("dtn_03_finished", 1)
That takes care of Dino. If you need to unlock further gig tiers for her, I will post the next steps. But if this was your last gig, the reward quest should activate automatically.
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