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Is the Ortelius Map Team still active

Is the Ortelius Map Team still active

So I found the very nice Ortelius map online which is maintained by Team Ortelius. However the last thread I can find on the topic is in Polish and 2 years old.

So I have a few questions in case anybody knows:

- Is that team still active? The Witcher wiki has a comment linking to a version 2.0 of that map here:
which makes a few corrections in the north (including moving the Shard of Ice location to Kovir) and adds Witcher 3 locations
- Who has the copyright of those maps exactly or rather, can I use the map in a youtube video and just credit "Team Ortelius" or who should I ask for permission first?
- The older versions of the map came in several variants, like this beautiful one:
Are there such different versions of the 2.0 map anywhere? Was 2.0 done by Team Ortelius or is that an adjusted version based on the Ortelius map?

It's in general rather hard to find a place where this map is being developed, who is the "owner" or "copyright holder" and there also doesn't seem to be a central
place or thread anywhere to get the newest version from.

Does anybody know anything about this?

Also if anybody here speaks polish it would be awesome if you could translate this post and repeat it for me in the Polish forums and report back to me if anybody responds there.
All I could do would be a google translation.

Thank you!