Keyboard freeze


I have this weird thing that happens only when driving vehicles. My keyboard just freezes. And it does so while remembering the inputs from that certain frame where it starts to freeze (I believe it to be when entering new areas or something like that).
So while the keyboard is fronzen, and the vehicle is just doing donuts, i can use the mouse, the game works. Not one key works, no Ctrl+Alt+Del, no nothing. The only fix is when i unplug the usb cable from the keyboard, that exact moment the inputs don't hold no more, so the vehicle stops. I replug and the game is fine until the next time it does this.
I have a GMMK Pro, it only happens in this game. They keyboard is fine, never did this outside the game.
I have a Ryzen 5900x :).

Ideas on how to fix?

LE: just happened now while running too, just this one time.
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Are mouse and keyboard plugged into a USB 3 port? If not, you could try that...

Other than that I would recommend reporting it to CDPR support:

Just click on "contact us" to send a ticket.
Well you magician. Mouse is in USB 2, but had no issues. Changed the keyboard to USB 3 port and about 6-7 hours later of gameplay, no issues. Not even one, and i've been driving like crazy.
Thank you for this workaround :)
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