Maximum Mike not on Morrow Rock?

Overall it seems like the frequency of the DJs/ has really been reduced, in the two full playthroughs I've done since PL released I haven't heard Stanley at all, and Mike only once.

Come to think of it I haven't heard any news on car radio, or other shows like Josh Kavorkin's Your Business Is My Business, etc.
Wonder if it's worth contacting support.
Whether it's actually worth bothering them or not, I did contact support over this issue as I loooooooooove the radio. Never heard back from them..

The only DJ I consistently get is the one on Growl FM, but I do miss Max Mike. Now I'm wondering if I managed to unpack and mod the files would I be able to copy and paste the Growl FM frequency whatever into the other radio channels? Maybe I'll look into this, better yet they fix this bug. Fingers crossed.
Mike is very rare, they reduced his chances on appearing I guess, Sasha grey is heard quite often, but she is normal DJ so maybe she appears more often cause of that.
Mike is more of show guy hosting a podcast.
Not just the old DJs, but I also hear some of the old songs way less now than before.

Wonder if this is an intended change by CDPR (hope not) or a bug introduced with 2.0 when they added all the new radios and somehow managed to mess up the old radios in the process.
I think it was after 2.0 that I noticed the lack of DJs in my radio stations most of the time. Like 99%. Might be a bug.
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