Morgan Blackhand (Mysterious and Legendary Solo)

We really need to see Morgan Blackhand in Cyberpunk universe . May be not in CP2077 but in next Cyberpunk game. I'm sure you'll make a great story about him like Silverhand. But please keep that character alive unlike Johnny . After all he's alive after smasher fight , right ?


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most properly he is already in the game even if its not announced officially.... many hints point torwards a certain fixer you get in touch with in the game espacially in PL. The design and art style of said fixer comes kinda close to an aged Morgan Blackhand, just like Rogue aged in the days. And even tho its not confirmed the fixers position/status would greatly fit Black"hands" lore....

Have u played PL yet? ^^
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You mean Hands? He's an ex-Petrochem exec.
what a pitty... than its just wishful thinking on my (and other players) end - after all it suits very well tho ^^'
especially if the looks are kinda similiar like the black & white hair such as the facial features of the ingame character and older concept arts of blackhand himself : /
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