Ok this is getting ridiculous now new game , after clean install crashing.

I could play the game just fine despite having HEAVILY moded it before all the phantom liberty and patch 2.0 +

after that , no , can not get out of the basilisk , can not complete quests and now after clean install and starting a brand new playthrough I get crashes every single time after the prologue once the cinematic ends

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I have not even got the chance to play phantom liberty with all this BS , seriously close to requesting a full refund for the first time ever.
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Just gave up , uninstalling the game from my PC ever since 2.0 I can not complete a playthrough while on 1.6 I had 0 issues despite way too many mods

Tried the following

deleting appropriate folders from users / appdata
Updating GPU drivers
Running mem test ( no errors)
Running both red launcher and cyberpunk exe with admin rights
verify / repair installation
Running the game from a different SSD drive
Turning off cross platform saves
using 16 gigs pagefile
Installed Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes
Disable AV when playing

No OC on ram , GPU or CPU , changed absolutely nothing since 1.6 that was playing fine , I have 0 issues with my PC and I have absolutely no problems with any other game.

Game is just unplayable , from some point in the game just not progressing ( like getting stuck in the basilisk with panaam and there is no way out) to new major game breaking patches , to not even be able to progress after the prologue , I am done with it , was really looking forward to enjoying phantom liberty and now I can not even enjoy the base game.
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