Still cannot get RedKit to work

I've been in love with Cyberpunk 2077 and it's potential for modding since the 1.6 update release. I have innumerable concepts for making mods at this point (with sadly very little programming knowledge). Unfortunately months of scouring the net, including Reddit and Projekt forums, still have me still stuck at the drawing board.
I just cannot seem to get Redkit to work. At all.
It is installed (re-installed multiple times). I have run the game with mods that require it.
The application file is not a true executable and one (according to the official installation page) that must be run through the DOS command prompt instead, for some reason. But that just gives an invalid error.
As I have really wanted to get into making mods for punk for some time now, if anyone can be helpful and knows some way around whatever issue is causing this constant failure on my part (may be some hidden permission segment I'm missing someplace-?), not just copy/paste links back to the same forum pages I've already read and re-read, I would appreciate it as I'm at my wits end at this point and about ready to give up on modding and the game entirely.
Did you already see this thread:
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