Stupid civilians

It is ridiculous how civilians (or Ai bots, whatever, the "filler" people) are so aware. It is irritating that they start going hysterical even if you have practically done nothing. For example, I'm infiltrating a casino. I open a door to a room I'm not supposed to go. Nobody is seeing me. I can see a guard but he can't see me. All I did was open the door. Civilians start yelling "don't kill me" raising their hands and moving about. The guard is cool. Huh? I go into a bathroom, it has a food vending machine I can hack. There's no one in the bathroom, I'm out of sight, I'm crouching. I hack the machine. The ENTIRE casino goes hysterical and the civilians all run away. When I come out the casino is completely empty, except for the guards. They are completely calm. WTF?
Civilians should actually be less alert and less reactive than guards. In most cases they shouldn't give a fart about what you're doing unless it is shooting or something. :facepalm:
I was just thinking that. Also when they're getting held up and you uh, 'intervene' with lead. They just keep crouching there NOT running away, watching me loot, lol. I kinda wish if you walked up to them there was like, an option to interact with and show you're not the bad guy here, like how you can wave that civvie back into her apt on your first mission with Jackie.
Hmm ...

People freaking out when there's no reason to do so, responding insanely, while security misses the intruder right under their noses. Sounds pretty realistic to me.
NPC behaviour won't improve, unfortunately. cpdr ceasing development to move onto orion made sure of that
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