[Suggestions] Immersion of Night City (No spoiler)

Hello everyone. I want to talk about immersion.

You know what was the biggest thing that impressed me when I first started my Night City adventure? The elevator that carried me to my flat. While I was in the elevator, I went back in time and my Mass Effect memories came alive. At the same time, I was fascinated by the incredible effect of ascenting in a vertical space, witnesing the depths of Night City, this incredible multi-layered world.


The first time I arrived my home, it was mindblowing. I felt like there are so many things I need to discover in this unforgiving futuristic universe. I was like I came from my very own country and have no idea about the city I'm in.


I barely used any fast travel option. I've traveled from one point to another by using car most of the time. Because I didn't want to destroy the feeling of "living in Night City". I guess I made myself clear about how important immersion to me.

But... There is always a but...

The first letdown for me was not being able to order any drink in Afterlife. I was pressing my keyboard like crazy, thinking that "I guess something is wrong with me or there is a bug, why I can't order a goddamn drink?!"

And I realized, there was no such a feature that allows you to order drink.

C'mon man, are you serious? I was thinking about driving different parts of Night City, visiting night clubs, bars, restaurants and ordering drink/meal/dance.

You guys made a great story, made a great environment, so many aspects of the game is just great. But something as simple as ordering a drink is not in there? Why? Why did you guys did this?

  1. Ordering drinks in every bar of the Night City must be possible
  2. Being able to eat street food must exist in this game (with animations of course)
  3. The first time I went to Night Club, I was expecting somewhere mature, yet it was just shiny lights and there was not much mature thing. You should really fix this.
  4. Braindances. I can't express how it would turn out. I mean, you guys could easily spread interesting braindance sequences around the map and encourage us to discover the city. But we don't even have an ability to watch braindances we buy.
Nothing here I suggest is as complex as adding story contents. It can cause additional bugs, and I feel this is the last thing you want. Maybe that was the reason, you guys wanted to cut them from the game and reduce the amount of bugs on the release. I don't know, no one's know. Let us know, is this the case? Do you guys have any plan to add these features back?

I wrote the topic with a little bit of dramatization, not having these features is obviously not the end of the world. This is a video game after all. But I really want this game to be in a better place. You guys are capable of doing great things. I hope this topic reaches out to right people.

Have a nice day!
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