Trying to get Dolby Atmos to work. Series X.

Hi everyone. I know this isn't exactly a game problem but maybe someone would be able to help me. I haven't got any help through official sources.

I'd like to try out Dolby Atmos because I don't have a proper headset at the moment, just an old pair of stereo headphones. So I downloaded the app, set everything up and plugged the headphones into the controller. It seems to work well when playing one of the sample clips in the app but when I start Cyberpunk it honestly doesn't sound any different from when I wasn't using it, and just had Stereo Uncompressed set.

I read an article on the site that you go into the game's audio settings and select the Preset under Dynamic Range but Atmos isn't listed. Nor does a little pop up appear in the upper right like Dolby Vision does when you start the game.

Am I doing something wrong? How do you know if its actually working?

I have a Series X.

Cheers very much. I appreciate it.
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