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My biggest fear is that this game will get rushed out the door like Fallout 76 and the huge failure Anthem!
I hope the CD P Red actually reads these comments. Please LEARN from other publishers mistakes! We DO NOT want an unfinished game, I don't care If It takes another two years please do not use gamers and consumers of your games as your game beta testers. Play and test your game as much as possible BEFORE you release It to your customers.
Bethesda and BioWare have ruined their reputation and created a huge PR mess by rushing the release of games that were clearly unfinished. It has gotten to the point where I will not buy a game before renting it through Gamefly first to play It and see If It's really worth buying.
I may take a chance on pre-ordering CP 2077 and I may not but this latest trend of putting out a game and then fixing it afterward has got to stop.
I like what I see so far of this game please do NOT rush It.
I hope the publisher reads these.
We do read those comments, my friend :)
If it doesn't break any company/product confidentiality rules ...
What's the specs on the average PC you folks are using to make CP2020? Obviously the folks working on graphics/rendering have/need higher end machines but your average code monkey at CDPR uses what?
Unfortunately I cannot share such details :(
I can only share the specs of the PC we used to play demo, but I guess it is already known :)
Hi CDPR team, I just saw the trailer today and I am awed. I know this will be another great game from you guys, at the same time I hope that it will have a native 21:9 aspect ratio. Night City looks incredible and I'm sure it will be much better when we will be playing it at ultrawide resolution. Thank you so much for the incredible work and I'm looking forward to playing this game hopefully in the near future. :)
Currently it's a bit too early to say yes or no. BUT I wouldn't be upset if the native 21:9 ratio was be supported ;)
Could we get a clarification?

So only missions and vendors are locked by Street Cred NOT access to portions of Night City? (i.e. the map)

Thinking about it this makes sense.
Street Cred (or at least this is my guess) is how well known you are to the people arranging or hiring for jobs and "exclusive" merchants.
After finishing specific part of the game, you will be able to roam through Night City freely, just like in Witcher 3 :)
3 things are interesting here:

1) cp2077 is in a parallel time line -> so it's not cp2020 future, I expect some characters to be in the game (jhonny silverhand) (we knew this already)
2) FPP: marcin momot says that the idea is not to play as someone else but "as I". Some people on this forum won't be happy to hear that (we knew this as well)

3) they blurred the choice between lethal and non-lethal takedown in the video, in both the shown occasions. Has it been removed from the game? @Lilayah
1. CP2077 is in the same timeline as CP2020 and CP Red.
3. It was blurred probably for the purpose of the video.
So I've had a question in mind since I saw the 48min gameplay trailer.

When/if you play as a Male V will it still be a Male Jackie or will it be a female Jackie?
There is only one Jackie and he is a guy :) There will be female companions like TBug tho. But Jackie will remain a male NPC.

Second demo was behind closed doors at Gamescom 2018, hasn't been made public yet, only what journalists said in their articles is available about it.
We have no plans to show the 2nd version of the demo.
Will there be different quests/dialogue depending on if you play the female or male version of V?

Clearly the voice actor must be different :p, but I doubt quests and characters will react the exact same way depending on if you play the female or male version. Will the dialogue lines really be the same but with just a different voice actor?

At the same time, it would be way too much work to make 2 entirely different games for the male/female V, so some compromise has to be made?
At this point, from what I know the lines might be slightly different, but when it comes to how many of them, what exactly will be different - it's a bit too early to say.
Very Excited for This, Please take all the time you need to make this dream happen guys!

I do have a few questions for curiosity's sakes (and I know in game development things change a lot so its not like I'm taking every word as written in stone)

1- Firstly, I love that Witcher series was a fully mature game, but I know W3 had to change some sex scenes to appeal more to the 'M' Rating rather than go for the 'A' rating as Witcher 2 did. I fully understand why this decision was made, Witcher 2 was more niche and Witcher 3 had to more mainstream and I know many game stores who keep Adult game back in the shelves, while M games are sold without a problem (which is weird).
Now that we've seen CP77 demo , We know for sure this is going to be an Adult game, With sex scenes, nudity, Violence, Cuss words, Gore etc.
I just want to know what rating you are aiming for here?
Right now the game is still in development, however I think it is safe to assume we would aim for M rating (PEGI 18). Nevertheless more details about it will be announced later in the future.

2- Night City looks vast and massive. And I've heard you'll be able to travel to various districts, but I am curious if this will follow the Witcher 3's (if you see that, you can go there) approach. Like the Title Reveal scene in the demo (which was so cool btw) I see so many buildings and stores and I just wonder where one would be able to go or would that just be background?
I understand it both ways, If one will be able to go everywhere, that would be epic.
and even if not, I'd understand it would be technical limitations.
But Sources claim Cp77 is a next gen title as well, so who knows :)
Currently it's a bit too early to talk about it :( Also Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on current generation.

3- This is really minor thing, I'm talking about a Quest Journal.
and though many many fantasy games do it, I've seen this getting streamlined as the new titles are coming, which is somethign I don't like. I really did adore Witcher 3 and 2 and 1 having a journal where I get all the details about the quests, what happened in those, and the outcomes.
I know this was one of things I loved about Elder Scrolls Oblivion...but If you play Skyrim or new Fallout, you'll see you don't get that. You only see the name of quest, the objective and a tick mark if you have completed it.
I would really like if we have some sort of cool cyber journey to keep track of quests/missions with a story to tell with some text, That would really be nice :)
I'm afraid I don't ave any info I could share with you about that yet. :(

4- Will I be able to whistle my car back to me?
Ohh okay, I'll just take my leave now :D
OOF! That would be something, huh? ;)
How about the characters and scene in the teaser trailer?
are those in the final version?

does the game have a field of view slider?

Most likely those specific characters won't be in the game. However, you should be able to spot MAXTAC here and there ;)
As for FoV slider- it's a bit too early to talk about such features for now.
I'm not so sure they know the distinction between mods as something people in the community develop as additions to the game, and cyberware as an in-game mod-ification to augment a character.
It was specific scenario, hence why I asked :)

As for if modding support will be our priority at some point- we will see. Right now we want to fully focus on making the game, it's core features and so on. What happens next? Nobody knows :) But we do know that community would love to use and create some mods, it is something we will keep in mind, for later tho.
Would it be safe to say that this would be a decent benchmark to shoot for recommended specs or is this overkill? Probably only need half the ram but can you run the game on an i5 or is it i7+ all the way? Funny thing is that my current PC runs Witcher 3 pretty well so if I don't have to go crazy on buying parts that would be awesome. I believe that there will be another press release on this game at E3 in June 2019. Would it be possible for those of us playing on PC to get at least a minimum requirement update so we can start planning our PC builds at that time? I mean this system is running a z370 board so would the game support i9 processor features?

Also will you guys be doing any promotional tours? I still have my first edition copy of cyberpunk 2020 and would love to have Mike Pondsmith sign it.
Right now, it is kinda hard to say how well similar setup or exact this one would run the game, setting wise and so on. We are still working on the game and on its aspects. Once we are ready, we will for sure reveal min/recommended specs :)

As for "promo tours" - if you mean events, we are not confirming appearance on those yet, but stay tuned!
I'd still dig it if you could quasi-join MAX-TAC as non- major group and work with them, whether as part of the game, a DLC or as mod.

You won't be able to join them, no.
Since cyberpunks value freedom the most, you’ll be able to work for many factions (think more of a gang), but you won’t ever want to permanently join them tho.