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Hi, Pawel. What's up?

Do CDPR plan an integration between GOG accounts and console? That would be so fuc**** good. It's so crap not to be able to progress with the same account on both platforms.

Really hope you do that. Cheers.
Hi! Everything's good, how are you?

These are things, which are not only dependent on us, for now I don't see this happening.
Considering that smaller e-sports events for this Gwent Masters season have been over for a while, when will we get information about the upcoming events (Challenger and World Masters)?
Also since many competitive players don't really have much to aim for right now, when will we get information about a (potential) Season 2 as well as any changes it might bring?
We're working on it, more details soon.
Would you consider adding autopass checkbox "save leader's ability until 1 card left in hand"? This would save some time avoiding clicking pass every turn for leaders with single-use ability (Calveit, Anna, Adda, etc.). Checkbox could be placed under the leader model and has a hover tooltip
Hi, interesting idea, but we're not planning on adding such feature.

The Witcher-inspired content is now available as a free update in Monster Hunter: World on Steam!

Starting today, every player who reached Hunter Rank 16 or above will be able to take on a special singleplayer questline, Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest, as Geralt of Rivia himself!

The multiplayer challenge, Contract: Woodland Spirit, will be available from May 17th, 2 AM CEST to May 30th, 01:59 AM CEST for hunters of Rank 50 or above.

Both single- and multiplayer quests will award various items for your character, inspired by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Detailed information on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Monster Hunter: World collaboration can be found here.
A big problem with digital card game monetization is that when you spend the equivalent of a triple A game, you do not get the value that would make the purchase worthwhile.

Would you consider adding a pity timer, where you would be guaranteed an epic every 5 packs and legendary every 10, for purchases of kegs with real money, so that kegs bought for the equivalent of a triple A title provides reliable value and is not dependant on chance.
We already have a guaranteed legendary in every 40 packs plus a guaranteed epic in every 20 packs - these values won't go down for now.