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Greetings burza,
I’m curious whether we’ll be getting some new visual effects with the expansion? like for eg. the poison shot of the driads looking like an arrow that explodes on contact into a green cloud of poison surrounding the affected unit instead of the current ping effect attached to most units and artifacts, or every tick of the bleeding effect would look like the blood is squirted out of the unit, and so on and so forth, just little stuff that could give the cards more flavor. Also was wondering if the gold cards (the legendary ones) will be getting their long awaited entrance animations (be it just the expansion golds or a mix of old and new), and if not is it something that’s planned to be added to cards in the future? Thanks :)
There will be new VFX, but not as detailed as the once you mentioned.
Hi burza,
I was wondering, will we be getting some single player content alongside the expansion, so that it’ll be sorta like the story mode for the crimson curse or will it just be the new cards being added to the game through a patch? And if yes, on a scale of thronebreaker to 10 how hard will it be? Thanks :)
No single player content planned.
Could we get a clarification?

So only missions and vendors are locked by Street Cred NOT access to portions of Night City? (i.e. the map)

Thinking about it this makes sense.
Street Cred (or at least this is my guess) is how well known you are to the people arranging or hiring for jobs and "exclusive" merchants.
After finishing specific part of the game, you will be able to roam through Night City freely, just like in Witcher 3 :)