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3 things are interesting here:

1) cp2077 is in a parallel time line -> so it's not cp2020 future, I expect some characters to be in the game (jhonny silverhand) (we knew this already)
2) FPP: marcin momot says that the idea is not to play as someone else but "as I". Some people on this forum won't be happy to hear that (we knew this as well)

3) they blurred the choice between lethal and non-lethal takedown in the video, in both the shown occasions. Has it been removed from the game? @Lilayah
1. CP2077 is in the same timeline as CP2020 and CP Red.
3. It was blurred probably for the purpose of the video.
So I've had a question in mind since I saw the 48min gameplay trailer.

When/if you play as a Male V will it still be a Male Jackie or will it be a female Jackie?
There is only one Jackie and he is a guy :) There will be female companions like TBug tho. But Jackie will remain a male NPC.

Second demo was behind closed doors at Gamescom 2018, hasn't been made public yet, only what journalists said in their articles is available about it.
We have no plans to show the 2nd version of the demo.

Choose your favourite Thronebreaker leader, complete quests, and earn rewards in the new Leader Challenge!

How to participate?
  1. Log in to the game.
  2. Select the faction leader you wish to support – Meve for Northern Realms, Eldain for Scoia’tael, Ardal aep Dahy for Nilfgaard, Arnjolf the Patricide for Skellige, or Gernichora for Monsters — via the Leader Challenge popup or the Quests tab.
  3. Play games* and complete special quests to earn rewards: Faction Kegs and Reward Points.

Faction leader whose supporters complete the most quests during the challenge will claim victory, granting benefits to all players for a limited time:
  • a special Arena event with the winning leader
  • 1 free Mirror Shard (Arena ticket) for everyone who has participated in the Challenge
  • +50% bonus XP when playing as the winning leader in Seasonal and Classic modes
  • a chance to stock up on the winning leader’s Faction Kegs in the Shop

The Leader Challenge will last until Friday, March 15th, 12 PM (noon) CET.

* Games played or won before committing to a specific faction will not count toward your challenge progress.
* Only games played in Seasonal and Classic modes will count toward you challenge progress – you will not be able to complete quests via friend challenges or in the Arena.

In case you missed today’s Crimson Curse stream with developers, it’s now available on YouTube!

During the stream we’ve covered new keywords coming to GWENT on March 28th together with the new expansion:

Bonded: Trigger this ability if you control a copy of this card.
Deathblow: Trigger this ability if this card destroys a unit.
Purify: Remove all statuses.
Berserk: Trigger this ability when this unit is at half or less than its base power.
Formation: If played on the melee row, gain Zeal. If played on the ranged row, boost self by 1.
Assimilate: Boost self by 1 whenever you play a card that is not from your starting deck.
Harmony: Boost self by 1 whenever you play a Scoia'tael unit with a unique primary category.
Bleeding: Status that damages a unit by 1 on its turn end.
Shield: Status that blocks the next instance of damage dealt to a unit.
Poison: If a unit has two Poison statuses, destroy it.
Dominance: Trigger this ability if you control the highest unit.
Vitality: Status that boosts a unit by 1 on its turn end.

We’ve also revealed 10 new cards!


Feast of Blood

Imperial Diviner

Vivienne de Tabris

Cintrian Artificer

King Roegner

Treant Mantis: Stalk

Treant Mantis: Strike

Forest Whisperer


Svalblod Fanatic

Bear Abomination

Will there be different quests/dialogue depending on if you play the female or male version of V?

Clearly the voice actor must be different :p, but I doubt quests and characters will react the exact same way depending on if you play the female or male version. Will the dialogue lines really be the same but with just a different voice actor?

At the same time, it would be way too much work to make 2 entirely different games for the male/female V, so some compromise has to be made?
At this point, from what I know the lines might be slightly different, but when it comes to how many of them, what exactly will be different - it's a bit too early to say.

The first Qualifier for Challenger #5 will take place on March 23rd-24th! You can now find the full ruleset of the tournament here.

As a reminder, here is the list of players eligible to participate in this Qualifier:
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  • kams134
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