A monowire perk redesign

Siphon: Moved to where finisher: live wire is
Perk change: Your monoiwire attacks recover .5 ram, increased to 1 if enemy is affected by a quickhack. Your miniwire attacks can no longer reduce an enemy below 5% health. You can however use Q to quick attack doing damage that is capable of reducing enemies below 5% health.

Finisher: Live wire- if you attack an enemy below 15% health with a monowire, you will automatically execute them with a finisher. You can also use The F key to perform finishers on enemies below 15% health. This threshhold is modified by how many quickhacks are affecting an enemy (not how many are queued on them)

Why? In its current iteration, monowire is used to recharge ram when the player is low on ram. it is the go to tool for ram restoration, and when the player fails to execute an enemy with a finisher, they failed. This especially hard to do while dueling multiple enemies (like cops) Many times, the player can one shot enemies they need to use finishers on by accident, and it create a perverse incentive where lower level gear is better at a given job (performing finishers) than higher level gear.
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