ACT 1 Bugged (Hack the doors)


So I start new gameplay after update to 1.61 and I am unable to get to the 1st gunfight...
Problem accrues when T-Bug ask me to hack the door. I do not get action to do that.
Now I can't play :(

I play as punk, tried it 2 times (once with mod installed and then without any mod except REDmod DLC)
As per your other thread - same answer.

Either do a clean install as described here or download the latest version of every mod you use.

The majority of mods can't simply be removed. Neither does turning them off in the launcher/setting through GoG work. If you don't perform a clean install or update your mods, they will leave traces behind that will affect your game.

Of course, that's assuming the mods you use have been updated.
You get the action when you aim at the door and press TAB (scan). A quickhack window will open up and you can select the action you need.

Just making sure you are on the right path, because on your screenshot I don't see you scanning the door
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