Are there any changes coming to pacifist takedown / kill "choice"?

I think one of the things that this game has had since launch is that there's really no difference outside of maybe some specific mission reward amount whether you just take down someone and leave them alive, or kill them.

I wonder if there's any change for this in upcoming expansion, maybe some people who play tested this could verify, or maybe it's something that gets addressed in some other patch after launch.

There's been suggestions before like having some sort of karma assigned to it, so when V kills a lot of people he gets evil tendencies and might go cyberpsycho easier, or if you take quiet take downs you get too soft and maybe your bullets have more inaccuracy or something, maybe V doesn't hit as hard in melee, maybe he has less health due to less testosterone or something. I know these are probably not the best suggestions here but something that adds a little consequences of these actions.

I also have an issue with the bullets becoming non-lethal, I think there should be specific weapons for that which literally fire blank rounds, or at least reducing the damage by 33%, and again some reasons for doing nonviolent take downs, which would make some people want these perks to be used even when damage is reduced significantly.

I just feel it's a little strange game design to have this option which has no consequences outside of animation, it's like giving 2 options to open treasure vault which neither require preconditions and outcome is the same, which also has no other side effects like losing dynamite in your pocket or something.

Like even something minor like non-lethal take downs on targets would make them ware up after 10 minutes or something, so if V stays inside lets say the Hotel (the base campaign) and tries to get out quietly, the first guards he/she takes down get up and alert everyone about the intruder.

Or if you taken someone down non-lethally, then other members of the group could actually revive them if they see them. I think this sort of revival mechanism for unconscious people would be pretty cool. Similar to entering into a broken car, I think this wouldn't require more than 3-4 extra animations to be added in game and would make the world feel so much more responsive.

Hopefully something like this gets implemented in base game whenever the next patch comes or soon after.

- Hoping that you would add some reworks on takedown/kill option when grabbing opponents and some kind of rework on non-lethal rounds
- Hoping for somesort of resurrect/awakening mechanism for non-lethally taken down foes
- Hoping some sort of reward/punishment mechanisms for both types of playstyles

Anyway, thanks for great trailer and I'm definitely getting the DLC when it drops on the first day.
Whether you takedown or kill it's basically the same. The enemy will never get back up. They are technically dead
Whether you takedown or kill it's basically the same. The enemy will never get back up. They are technically dead
Yeah that's kinda the whole issue. They aren't supposed to be dead if they are knocked out. There should be some way to revive those who are just unconscious.
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