Best Build to use all Crafted Items?

I’m curious what other people have done along these lines? Basically, building all the weapons for your Stash’ Walls and trying to use each and every one. What kind of build would you make that could best accomplish this? For myself, I figure:
  • Body 3 / 12 (good Cyberware options, more perk points for Body, Reflexes, and Cool vs. Intelligence and Technical Ability. Also health and a number of Perks (mostly for Health and Stamina I guess).
  • Reflexes 20 (it’s mostly going to be guns and blades after all)
  • Intelligence 3 / 12 (Mass Vulnerability is very useful and you can Hack Access Point for Legendary Quickhacks).
  • Technical Ability 18 (I tend to agree +5% extra Crafting Damage is questionable on real benefits).
  • Cool 18 (but *maybe* 16? I don’t know that I get much in terms of Perks for 18 vs 16 …)
Not sure what you are asking for... if you only consider the crafted stash weapons than there are just 5 "Reflex" weapons, 3 "Body" weapons and 1 "Tech" weapon hanging on the wall (so the "mostly guns & katanas" argument for 20 Reflex doesnt fit) - its 1x Revolver, 2 SubGs, 2 Assaults, 1 Tech-Sniper and 3 Shotguns, so high body, ref, tech would fit best if we only talk about these ones - leaving either int or cool out in the dark. - 18/18/18 would make every stash-craft weapon equal and would leave 14 points eihter for cool (cyberware) or int (legendary QHs).

regarding 18 vs. 16 cool its just worth on low body builds since Cheat Death (18 cool, Ninjitsu), Immunty (18 cool, cold blood) and Bloodswell (20 cool, cold blood) compansate missing body cyberware - else 14/16 are enough for base cool perks/cyberware. 20 cool tho might be strong for crit- (especially melee) builds pushing crit rate & dmg via merciless - although going for 20 cool is kinda niche/specalized cause the cost push other stats strong to ground... 18-20 reflex for blade dmg, 20 cool for merciless and either 18 tech for legendary or 16 int for crit cyberware wont leave much varity/options left.

if you are interessted in exotic blade builds i played a 20/18/16/14 (cool-reflexe-int-tech) satori build lately - kinda fun :p
currently im adjusting this build for a scalpel/sandevista version.
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