[BUG] Birds With Broken Wings Progression Stop

I'm on Xbox Series X, I have a big where upon attempting to "Meet Songbird between 11am and 1pm" I am unable to sit and wait on the bench and she shows at any time, a dialogue flashes for a moment and then disappears and her model is just frozen there, tried reloading before going to it but it persists, also note that my quest has duplicated lines as it says "Meet with Songbird between 11am and 1pm" twice, one in yellow and one in red, hope you can fix this bug as I was really enjoying Phantom Liberty.

On a side note I'm also one of the people who now occasionally crashes when an auto save is triggered, sometimes even with manual or quick saves. I really hope 2.01 remedies these issues, I really want to continue the DLC with hopefully no other bugs.

Update: Patch 2.01 has fixed neither of these issues.
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I'm at full stop because of this bug. After 71 hours and 10 minutes into this playthrough, my save files simply do not go back far enough to get around this so I'm FUCKED.
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