[BUG] - Civilians Randomly Exploding In Traffic

Ever since 2.0 there are constant randomly occurring explosions going on througout Night City due to civilian vehicles either spawning inside the ground or two vehicles simultaneously spawning inside each other, which then leads to them exploding;

Example of a vehicle exploding;

Several vehicles spawn and explode;

One vehicle spawned inside the ground and exploded, another vehicle also spawned inside the ground but managed to survive;

Played for 500 hours in 1.6 and never ever saw this happening to civilians. Since 2.0 there have been plenty of weird things going on with the game's physics, from NPCs Floating & Being Incredibly Janky to NPCs spawning inside the ground (such as the case below) and now even civilians randomly exploding;

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They fixed the downed NPCs floating above the ground issue in 2.01 though, right ? Didn´t notice it since the update, these other things you mentioned- just keep reporting them, I´m sure they didn´t black list you, if you are providing them with useful info.
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Actually now that you mention it does look like NPCs floating after being knocked out is fixed, though the animation transitions are unfortunately still not.

So at least that's one bug scratched off the list, only 20+ more to go ^^
Yea, the animation transitions are still causing NPCs to float in the air..
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