[BUG] cyberdeck unable to be used, other OS work fine

i have stumbled upon a bug that makes it so that the cyberdeck no longer works any of them and the ui for cyberwear completely breaks. i had tried to use mods to fix the issue but was ultimately unsuccesfull (when i discovered it i was playing vanilla), only way to fix it was going to an earlier save file. i noticed when it happened but i left it be for the time being as i wanted to contineue my killing spree, 4 hours later i decided to do something about and then i realised what kind of grave mistake i had just made...
i discovered it during "the damned"mission. in my case, it seems that if you install the chrome compressor with the cyberdeck installed it will install but it wont take out the cyberdeck fully see image 1&2. further changing the cyberware to a sandevistan or beserk do allow them to work though the compressor remains. image 3 further shows what it looks like while the cyberdeck is "installed". cp2077 seems to recognise it is installed... visually, when the sande or beserk are installed they work and the compressor remains like i said, but they dont show up visually in the cyberware tab. see image4&5(at this point on the save file i had used a save file editor to remove the compressor yet only cyberdecks dont work)
all i can say to people to hopefully prevent this, dont install any operating systems without first unequipping whats currently installed
thats all ive been able to father from this bug so far.


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This seems like more of a bug of the mod you are using (guessing Cyberware EX) than of the game.

Your cyberware capacity also looks maxed out. Remove all the parts and then put most of them back with a cyberdeck or get more cyberware capacity shards.
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