[bug] Awful Cyberware limit bug in 2.01, be careful !!!

I just found an awful cyberware limit bug, awful awful bug.

At level 18 my limit was 123 (most from shards and engineer skill, no points invested in technical ability/perks). When I upgraded my cyberdeck to tier 4 (cyberdeck: Militech paraline), my cyberdeck went unequipped and cannot equip it anymore because it says I am at my limit (123) so I have to unequip something else, which is strange because I was at my limite when I upgraded my cyberdeck (obviously my cyberdeck was equipped), when I unequipped another cyberware, my limit dropped again... and everytime I unequip a cyberware, my limit decreases too, until I reach all the way back to 100. So I lost all my 23 extra limit, luckily I saved before upgrading my cyberware so I can rollback. It only happens when I upgrade my cyberdeck to tier 4. So at the moment I will keep it tier 3+ to avoid this until it gets fixed. Also this is all pre The Heist.

I think is important to share this because if you don't have a backup save, you are screwed, so be careful and save your game before upgrading any cyberware.

PS: cyberdeck t+ gives less money hacking access point (only gives 200e)
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