[BUG] In 2.1, DLDSR support incurs a 71fps cap...

In 2.1, DLDSR support incurs a 71fps cap unless the player loads the game in a non-DLDSR resolution, and then switches to the DLDSR resolution

Note: this does not affect the benchmark. The benchmark functions normally, regardless of whether or not the game is booted in the DLDSR resolution.

5900x/4090/GoG version/hotfix 2.1 nvidia driver/no mods/no prior mods. All files verified. No overlays loaded. Fresh usersettings.json.


"averageFps": 95.7859115600586,"minFps": 55.27778625488281,"maxFps": 141.28085327148438,"time": 64.24744415283203

"averageFps": 113.67620849609375,"minFps": 59.235389709472659,"maxFps": 131.77313232421876,"time": 64.23507690429688
Booting the game in a DLDSR resolution and loading directly into live gameplay, will result in a maximum fps of 71, with heavy stuttering, low CPU usage, and frametimes in excess of 100ms.

Fixing this requires changing resolution to native, applying the settings and closing the menu, before reopening the menu again to change back into the DLDSR resolution. Alternatively, the game can be booted in native, and one resolution change applied while in live gameplay.

This did not occur in 2.02, earlier this afternoon.

Again, files are verified.
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