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I don't know if this bug is for everyone, but it does appear on my game. I'm using a save created in version 2.0, before the dlc officially launched. Now when I finished stealing the twins net runner's vehicle out of the underground garage, I noticed that the streets don't spawn any more NPC's or NPC's vehicles, only stationary enemies and cops do. The whole night city became a ghost town.


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I wanted to share my experience with a game bug and the solution I found, in case anyone else is facing a similar problem.

I encountered a frustrating bug while playing the mission "Balls to the Wall." Here's what happened:

  1. I initiated the mission and completed the first memory segment without any issues.
  2. However, I ran into trouble during the second memory segment, failing it multiple times. After reloading the game a few times, I decided to temporarily abandon the mission and return to it later.
  3. Strangely, when I left the Dogtown area, then came back and left again via fast travel, I noticed that there were no more NPCs and traffic in the game world.
  4. To resolve this problem, I completed the "Balls to the Wall" memory portions of the quest, and miraculously, my game started working perfectly again.
I wanted to share this workaround with the community in case anyone else runs into this spawn issue during the "Balls to the Wall" mission. It appears that completing the memory portions of the quest might reset the game world and restore normal NPC and traffic behavior.
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