Bugged surface textures with update 2.02

As the title say's I've noticed that when i pass under a bridge/overpass or tunnel the surface of the vehicle takes on whatever the surface texture of that structure is, like concrete or rock and it loses the reflective surface while i'm under it. The opposite is happening in certain area's as well where an object passing over a particular ground surface is taking on that texture. I saw an NPC in Dog Town using a metal detector and when they passed it over a different surface it took on that texture. I also noticed that in certain area's the dust kicked up when driving appeared to blend in with the paint of the vehicle and create a very distracting particle streak. I tried turning off/on raytracing,pathtracing,ray reconstruction and even frame gen but it still persist's. I have tested this on 2 different PC's one with an i9 13900k/rtx 4090 and the other a Ryzen 9 7950X3D/rtx 4090 with all drivers and windows up to date.

I dont remember noticing this is any of the previous updates so i believe it's a bug specific to 2.02
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