Can't use PS5 upgrade on account with PS Plus

Hi all. n00b here, so sorry if this is not the right place for this. I'll try and explain as concisely as possible:

I have Cyberpunk 2077 disc version, CUSA codes 18278 and 18279 bought in Spain. I have PS Plus Premium on a Spanish account. I installed the game from the disc on this account. I was not able to download the PS5 upgrade with this account. It only allowed me to download the free trial, which of course I don't need. I had to go to my UK account and then to PS Store, which allowed me to DL the PS5 upgrade. On starting the game from my Spanish account, all I get is the INSERT GAME DISC (or whatever) message. I insert the disc but it is not recognised. The only way I can play the game is by switching to my UK account every time, upon which the disc IS recognied and I can play just fine. I've trawled the Internet for hours and all I can find is some mention on here that the CUSA code on the disc has to coincide with the account country, and "in some cases we recommend creating a new account". The CUSA code DOES coincide with the account country. I would (perhaps) understand if I had a UK disc and a Spanish PS Plus subscription, but in my case it is quite the opposite: my Spanish disc ONLY works on a UK account WITHOUT PS Plus, and does not work on my Spanish account.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Many thanks in advance!
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I think Europe "include" spain and UK, so I guess, it's not surprising you're install the next gen update with a UK account and a "spain" disk.
If you didn't, take a look here and if it doesn't work, directly contact the support ("contact us" button).
The CUSA codes for Spain and UK are different. It wouldn't let me install the PS5 upgrade on my Spanish account with a Spanish disc! I've already followed those steps, but they only worked via the UK account, which as I said is paradoxical, being a Spanish CUSA code. Might the PS Plus subscription somehow be getting in the way?
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