CDPR, please add these two features with Phantom Liberty Update

Hi, I played this game on PC with Geforce Now since mine couldn't handle it, and now I have a PS5 and would like to play Phantom Liberty on it by transferring my save file, but there are two things that worries me.

First, please add keyboard + mouse support to PS5 version. You have it supported on Witcher 3 so why not CP2077, it's a first person shooter game, and it's not a gamepad friendly game tbh, especially with so many looting it was a pain to aim on the floor and loot things every time, and it's not as responsive as keyboard and mouse.

Secondly, speaking of looting, please add auto-loot option. I remember getting tired of looting so many items it distracted me from actually enjoying the moment.

With these two features I'm sure the game would be more enjoyable on consoles.

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