CDPR's twitter post made me completely give up on this company

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While I never cared for the Witcher (good game, just not my thing), I thought CP2077 was great, and even defended it at launch. I bought the DLC without looking into it.

Then I waited for patches, because surely they'd get around to fixing stuff.

Then I saw a particular twitter post from them. At first, I thought, "Ok, sure, I know women who have legitimate issues during their time of the month, perfectly fine and reasonable to give them time off when it's hard to deal with".

But then I saw that they have a "Director of Culture, Diversity & Inclusion".

Ban me for all I care, you're not getting a single cent from me ever again. Your job is to make good games, not promote ideology or politics.

I'd encourage others to boycott, but I won't need to. Your customers will leave, because your games will become worse as long as your allow this sort of nonsense to control you.

Did you actually play the game?

I'm asking because I can't imagine that someone who gets angry, angry enough to boycott the company to boot, over that title would enjoy the game at all.

I'm not even going to touch the "content" of your post.
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