Cross Progression Saves - a couple of notes

G'day, folks!

I now have my PC and PS5 both updated to the newest patch, and I've been able to transfer games between them. However, there are a couple of things to know:

The main one is that the cloud save only saves ONE manual and ONE quick save (the most recent).

So, if you play the game on your console, it happily saves that game to the cloud. However, if you then play on your PC using a *different* save, then that save will overwrite the console one in the cloud, meaning you can no longer load it on the PC until you use the console again and save it.

HOWEVER, if you load that console save on your PC straight away, then save it on the PC, it'll be permanently there and you can then switch between different builds at will. And, of course, any saves you already have on a platform remain there until you wipe them.

The other thing I noted (and need to play around with more to confirm) is that when I disconnected and reconnected my PS5 from the net, I needed to log into GOG again before it'd activate cloud saves. Not sure if this was a once-off thing or something that'll continue to annoy me - alas, I left my PS5 controller at work, so I can't check right now.

(Yeah, I was using my work's internet to download the patch. I'm in regional Australia, and I rely on a mobile phone for my internet out here; not great for big patches!)

The one thing I'd love to know regarding cross-progression, though I imagine isn't an easy one to answer with how specific/niche it might be (plus how new the system is) is: what happens if a player completes an achievement/trophy condition in one platform then moves to another? Would the achievement/trophy pop?

Example: someone playing the campaign on PC finishes a mission that would give a story-related trophy on Playstation. If the player later plays Cyberpunk on Playstation, would the trophy pop? This question also applies to any progression/completion trophy (something like collecting all of X items, getting X attribute points, completing all X missions)... will the achievement/trophy pop when switching to another platform *after* the condition has been met?

I am currently playing CP77 on Playstation 5, and (slowly) going for the Platinum. If I bought the game on PC and played there (whenever I didn't have access to my PS5) I wonder if by completing any condition on PC would ruin my Platinum run on PS5 (if I were to enable cross-progression, of course).
The cross progression saves seem to be very dependent on your internet. At this stage, I've managed to load up a PC save on my PS5 and a PS5 save on my PC.

However, last night I couldn't load the PS5 save on the PC - it showed it existed, but after trying to download it for about 2 minutes it gave up and said it couldn't download it. I don't have the best connection at home (and last night it was pretty bad conditions), so I just tried it again at work and it downloaded without issue.

It does make me wonder how good the server is that handles these saves...

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