Cross Progression

I attempted to use cross progression for a save from Steam > Series X.

I attempted to load the save on the Series X and the game crashes back to the dashboard with no error message.

So I thought maybe it's because I have mods on the PC version, so I removed all mods, loaded the save, then resaved it to a new slot.

Tried again to load it, and it crashed on Series X again.

Mods are officially supported, so there should be systems in place with the cloud saves to make sure they aren't malformed and therefore cause the game to crash on consoles.
Ok, so not mandatory, but even if you remove all the mods, perform a clean install and save again, once you activated mods, your saves on this playthrough will be definitely affected by mods datas :(
And no, mods are not "officially" supported, hence :
As mods are community-created content, we cannot provide support for any one particular mod. To attempt fixing the modified game and remove any installed mods, try to perform a clean installation of the game using the instruction here.

To be sure, you maybe will have to perform a clean install of the game to remove all traces of mods, then start a new playthrough, create a save at the beginning and load it on your Xbox.
I mean, the game does officially support modding. Yes, no individual support for mods is available as in that quote you provided.

I'm not asking for mod support, but the fact is the cross save system should have error checking, it's a basic thing.
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