cyberpunk 2077 phantom liberty


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I just log in here to write this and easy my soul:
CDPR - you done it again, made a promising game in another garbage, again...
I was really hopping that you'll correct the things you made in base CP 77 but it looks like there is no quality staff left in there. Sadly... you'll never again made another game like Witcher 3 (the story telling and the whole game quality) and it's time for me to quit hopping you'll do something better... If not for female V voice acting (which is only enormous plus in the whole game) I would deleted the game after 1 hour of game play.

Best of luck to CDPR game studio but you are really done - it's better for you to develop a game only with photo studio for screen shots (judging from the mods on Nexus, it's the only activity for Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty) - your story telling capability died after Witcher 3...
The End.
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