epicgames redprelauncher missing files

I read a few ideas about this error, but none help. I started with a fresh install of windows 11 and installed epic games launcher. installed cyberpunk 2077. I was playing fine up until lately. For whatever reason when trying to launch game from either desktop link or link in launcher I get the same error. I don't use mods nor do I have a GOG account or have I ever had one. Also normally after clicking the link it would open another window, but that window stop opening as of late.

Error: The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found and vcruntime140.dll and again MSVCP140.dll and again VCRUNTIME140.dll. these files are on my system in system32 folder and in the cyberpunk 2077 install folders. I also have visual C++ installed.

I've reinstalled everything already.

I can play the game fine, but I have to directly create a link to the Cyberpunk 2077.exe and things work fine. I have noticed this was an issue back when the game came out, but not sure if it was actually fixed completely.
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