Everything Disappears and Reappears

Buildings and objects everywhere disappear and reappear based on range. As I get closer they disappear. As I get even closer they reappear! What unholy cursed technology is this!?

But seriously is this the LOD range? It's terrible. Immersion breaking to the point where I'm on the fence to even continue. Please PLEASE fix this. This happens everywhere.

A few examples. But it happens to nearly everything.

Oh no.... These seems to be tied to FOV. The further past 100 you set the fov the more this happens. Set it to 150 and half the buildings barely render. I realize I'm asking to fix an issue that doesn't happen naturally. But 100 FOV is too low. I need at least 120 - 130 or I get sick. Please if you could CDPR, help with this issue. Please!
Hmm, just tried to look at this and 100 is the max FOV available on my system- PC/RTX 2060, v 1.3.

EDIT just noticed OP was from launch time lol, so much has changed since. Not seeing any issues with buildings popping in/out here.
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