[FEEDBACK] - How To Improve & Save T5 Memory Wipe Quickhack

When it comes to Memory Wipe;

the most obvious issue with this quickhack is that its T3 and T4 upgrades are exclusively made to maintain a Netrunner's stealth efficiency by being able to counter tracing, but then its T5 upgrade entirely contradicts and clashes against its previous tiers because it shifts its focus solely on countering direct-combat, due to its insanely overinflated RAM cost for an extremely niche situation.

Because of this it ends up pushing stealth Netrunner players to avoid their full arsenal by being forced to choose between T4 or T5;
  • T4 Memory Wipe allows Netrunners to fully maintain their counter-tracing stealth efficiency, but the cost of this is avoiding T5 Memory Wipe.
  • T5 Memory Wipe allows Netrunners to stop a direct confrontation, but the cost of this is drastic stealth anti-tracing efficiency loss due to T5's insane single-target RAM cost.
There is an incredibly simple way however to solve this dilemma and allow Netrunners to actually use the highest tier of their arsenal while fully maintaining the purpose of all its tiers;

*Improved T5 Memory Wipe that maintains the purpose and efficiency of all its tiers, while keeping its high RAM cost*

  • By making T5 Memory Wipe an AOE quickhack that spreads to enemies within a certain radius (like Contagion), it would preserve the consistency of the quickhack's original purpose and everything its tiers are supposed to provide. Stealth efficiency, anti-tracing efficiency and anti-combat efficiency.
  • This way the player would no longer have to intentionally avoid T5 Memory Wipe due to its high RAM cost for an extremely niche situation, but instead would be presented with a freedom of choice by using it wisely either for stealth or combat, due to its high RAM cost.
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I like the idea. At least make it useful for general gameplay… it’s also weird that it’s currently the only QH which changes/loses his former feature over the tiers completely - just why?
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