A better blackwall hack

So, the black wall hack is up against synapse burnout as being the best in class. Synapse burnout easily takes this title. Due to the blood daemon and data recycler perks, Synapse burnout can easily chain max ram and health making ram itself meaningless. In addition, burnout extends overclock. In order for blackwall to be competitive with synapse burnout, its gonna need to be as good, if not slightly better. In addition, synapse burnout takes up 1 slot. Blackwall takes up 4 slots, and all of the perks that other decks bring. For a single hack to be worth 4 slots, it needs to do something amazing. So let's make blackwall actually good. Here we go!

1. When blackwall kills an enemy, It actually properly kills them. Some top level max tac can tank a blackwall hack every now and again.

2. When blackwall kills an enemy, it now resets the duration of overclock entirely.

3. When blackwall kills an enemy, it siphons all of the enemies health to V. This sounds op, but remember that this is already happening via blood daemon and queue manipulation in other builds, so its really just making blackwall equivalent to other builds.

4. When blackwall kills an enemy, it restores ram equal to 33% of the cost to cast blackwall. Why? Other builds are doing it with data recycling. And they are doing it far more efficently than this. This just makes blackwall equivalent.

5. When a target is infected by blackwall, they are automatically affected by blind, cripple movement, and weapon jamming hacks. This is to make up for the players lack of hacking slots. Again, other builds allow this to happen already.

6. Blackwall triggers trace, but does not increase it. This is to mitigate blackwall vs the stealth builds. It makes blackwall far more competitive for a stealth build.

7. Blackwall no longer costs health or ram to propogate. Instead, it restores them.

8. Blackwall costs a massive amount of health (and ram) to cast. Something like 20 ram and half a healthbar is sufficent.

This may seem op. and it is. But its appropriate. The gun equivalent of blackwall is adam smashers shotgun. Ba Xing Chong. Its a reward for beating the end game mission, just like blackwall is a reward for beating an end game mission. Ba Xing chong can delete 4-5 enemies per shot. Blackwall should be similar in capacity as a truly legendary hack that it is.
This, or just a buff for the canto in general, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please ple
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