Former Polish PM Now Heads European Parliament

Former Polish PM Now Heads European Parliament

From the BBC website:
The European Parliament has elected former Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek as the chamber's president.The vote on the 69-year-old Polish conservative was the first job of the newly-elected parliament in Strasbourg.Mr Buzek is the first politician from the former communist bloc to chair the parliament. He received 555 votes in a first ballot.The elections last month produced an assembly of 736 MEPs with the centre-right forming the biggest bloc.Mr Buzek headed a coalition government in Poland in 1997-2001. He joined the European Parliament in 2004, the year of Poland's EU accession."Human rights will be a priority," Mr Buzek told MEPs, recalling the key role of the Solidarity trade union movement in democratising Poland in the 1980s.He replaced German conservative Hans-Gert Poettering as parliament president. In the vote, Eva-Britt Svensson MEP, a Swedish leftist, came second with 89 votes.Mr Buzek will hold the post for two-and-a-half years - half of the parliament's five-year mandate. Under a deal struck before Tuesday's vote, a Socialist MEP will serve as president for the other half.
Congratulations to our Polish friends on having a Pole leading the European Parliament.I'd ask what kind of PM he was and what you expect from him as head of the European Parliament, but I guess we're not supposed to talk politics, so I'll leave it at congrats.
Good!Finally!And now times of White Fire and the blizzard, time of the wolf and the axe will...oh, sorry.
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