Friends Mulitplayer and Virtual PVP Fight Club

First off, I recognize that this is a topic that has likely been brought up before, however I would like to provide a suggestion for a limited Multiplayer mode for Cyberpunk 2077.
Players could call for assistance through their Phone, General Help Call, Enabled Looking for Group (LFG), Players on their respective friends list could then click a link to Join Game, In-game method would show the player arriving in a Cab and getting out, then the Cab drives away.
Permit inviting player from our friends list, Steam, Live, PSN, etc.. to join us on missions,

Co-Op mode (4 Friend Limit per mission)
Shared Social Experience
Character Slots: After completing the Main Story, unlock individual Character slots so players can build up a character that isn't just V going through the motions. Let them save the V character after the Main Story line with a "new Identity"

Shared Leveling experience (Character Level and Street Cred) based on objective tasks completed. Social Loafers would receive no Street Cred and limited character experience. If you invite friends to join you and let them do all the work they get the Street Cred and Character Experience Point.
Missions increase difficulty to match the Highest Level member of the Party. This would discourage players from have their Maxed Out Friends join them on missions just to walk through it with minimal risk.

Virtual Fight Club:
Players can connect to a Virtual World from Certain locations on the map and acquire an "Sever" for their apartment. Players could use this to rerun completed Missions, Challenge Friends and Public Players on the same Saver to PvP matches for fun. Match balancing would be based on a Characters Street Cred, Match Payouts would be Game driven based on "Fight Club Prestige" i.e. New to Fight Club, the server hosts will only payout a limited amount and you have to earn your way to the top.
ProjectRED could then have PvP Tournaments for Prizes including Limited Weapons, Eddies, and other Rewards. Players would qualify by earning Prestige.

Food for Thought?
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