My list of suggestions and wishes

Hi everyone, In this topic, I would like to offer my ideas and wishes that could make NC even more realistic than it is now.

1. Reworking gangs and the opportunity to join the desired gang (FIRST THEME)
Yeah, I propose to give the player the opportunity to influence the distribution of a particular gang, NC, and the number of its members on the streets of NC, as well as the opportunity to become part of it.

Okay, you ask me: how will this happen?

Hmm, I see it like this in current realities: implement this through fixers, and how many gang members were killed the
when completing a particular mission (from fixer) (gang members are also considered killed during research, however, it is worth noting that gang members who were killed secretly and the killer was not discovered will not be counted). Also, it is worth including here such factors as, for example, this or that choice in some quest mission from the storyline in relation to this or that gang. However, it is worth noting that the method of identifying loyalty through mission from a fixer is not suitable for all gangs. Let's say the loyalty of MOXES will be determined by what kind of relationship the player has with Judy.

And it turns out that the gang’s loyalty to the player will be influenced by three main factors:
1. How bloodthirsty or neutral the player is towards this gang
2. The player's choice while completing any story missions or secondary missions in relation to a particular gang
3. What kind of relationship does the player have with this or that quest character who is related to this or that gang (provided that the corresponding gang has such a character).

A player can “join” a particular gang only once per game; accordingly, if he kills more of its members than is permissible, he will lose the gang’s trust in him and all its privileges.

When a shootout starts, and if there are members of the gang in which the player is a member, they will help the player in the shootout, regardless of whether the player is shooting with other gang members or with the police.

The player cannot cheat the game and show loyalty to all gangs at once (that is, he cannot be a member of MOXES, 6TH STREET and TIGERS CLAWS at the same time if he tries do this, then the gangs will find out this and his will be kicked out of all the gangs and he will be left without a gang).

Okay, how to do this then? How to determine this line so that the player does not end up in all gangs at once?

Hmm, when the player has gone through the entire storyline, for example with Judy and his V are best friends with her, and he did not kill MOXES (or killed but was not detected), then he receives offers to become part of the MOXES gang (most likely this will happen via SMS on the phone (of course, if a player killed many gang members, but at the same time he has an excellent relationship with one or another fixer or quest character, then he will not receive such an SMS)) and he can either refuse (here it depends on the desire of the player or on his belonging to another gang) or give up (again, taking into account the conditions mentioned above) and if the player agrees, then he has access to the attributes of the gang, that is, he can do tattoos on the body with a gang theme or stickers on cars or weapons (or maybe they will give him a themed car or motorcycle of the gang he will join).
And that is, this principle will work with all gangs, for example, player completed all the missions from EL CAPITAIN or VAKAKO or PADRE or he chose the VODOOBOYS side in the storyline mission (and of course this is provided that he did not openly kill gang members).

A very important point that I would like to draw your attention to is that when joining a particular gang, the player must be provided with accompanying attributes of the selected gang, such as: stickers on weapons, tattoos on the body (player can get gang-themed tattoos from rippers), unique clothing of the gang, stickers for cars and motorcycles (maybe unique cars of bikes) and etc.

2. More places and more possibilities (SECOND THEME)
My second suggestion, which I would like to make public, perhaps something similar has already been proposed.
It consists of the following:
NC, such a huge city, and so few places where you could spend time... The year is 2077, and in the city there are ALMOST no interesting public places that you could visit. (Am I not the only one who thinks that a slot machine with Roach for 2077 does not look like the best entertainment for this time period? Right?-))
I'm talking now about such places... which will not be somehow useful to the player in exploring the world or completing some tasks, but simply places that would make NC even more realistic and alive, for example places like:
- Something like a big casino (yeah-yeah, hello Las Vegas) in which the player could even increase his finances (or lose everything he has)
Naturally there will be some kind of “mini-games” that characterize such an establishment.

- A huge shopping complex, there is one in every city in the world, why is NC worse? Such a place would be a perfect decoration of this city (especially if it were located somewhere in the City Center
I know, I know, there is a Mall in Pacifica, but I would like (and I think I’m not the only one) to see a live shopping complex.

- Opportunity to purchase a platinum Trauma Team card and end up in a hospital rather than a cemetery
Yeah, there is a maternity hospital in NC, and it would be very cool and realistic that after purchasing a platinum card, the Trauma Team when V's life is in danger to save her, resulting in V ending up in a hospital bed. In simple words, when V dies, Trauma Team saves her, and this will all happen with the appropriate animation, that is, the player lies on the ground in a pre-death state, AVI Trauma Team's arrives, the player sees how TT employees shoot at the one who killed him, after what, while the covering ones are defending V, the orderlies put V on a stretcher and bring her into the AVI (and the player sees everything, but can’t do anything because he is dying) and after V ends up in the AVI, the covering ones go last into the AVI and fly to the hospital (the last thing V sees is the AVI door closing and she wakes up already in the hospital.

You can apply for a TT platinum card either on the website via PC or at the hospital.

OFC, it will cost a lot of money (I think about $400,000 for one such rescue + purchase of the platinum card itself, which the player buys once per game).

Warning! This option is not available when completing any story missions

- Hmm... maybe
it's worth making "Clouds" more functional than they are now (I think you know what I mean)
By the way, if we are talking about "Clouds", then on the streets of NC you can meet prostitutes who sometimes offer their services to the player, but the player does not have the opportunity to somehow respond to this, because this is just a random phrase, and it would be cool that when passing by such a “character” the player could, for an appropriate fee, use the service that this character offers.

- This game also lacks a real, expensive and sophisticated restaurant with waiters and appropriate music, somewhere in Corporation Square.
Here you will also need to do work with the corresponding animations, for example, V can choose a table at which she will sit, after which the waiter will approach her and offer a menu from which V can choose something (as mentioned earlier, this is more of a place of relaxation, entertainment, does not affect the gameplay in any way, but makes the game even more realistic and atmospheric)

- Also, it wouldn’t be bad to finally finalize the Lizzie’s braindance club so that the player can watch the purchased virtuals, and not read the inscription “not compatible with your equipment

- Add the opportunity to buy your own mansion in North Oak

All these places that I suggested are only a small part of what else could be added to the game, because when exploring NC you can come across a large number of buildings or places that cannot be reached in any way, that are simply closed, but in their place there could be something truly interesting that would increase interest in exploring the game world.
I do not have sufficient privileges to post my own wish list. So I’m tagging along with my wishes, for in game desires.

I was hoping for a shadowrun point of game. That has a Seattle based theme, sort of how the main game has Californian, then liberty has more New York. So a Seattle place to shadowrun, inside of. Along with a cred stick, instead of carrying euros around on me. With voice actor Johnny lee miller, having somewhat of a dade Murphy character, to gain a hackers feel to it as well. Then see how Keanu responds to Johnny lee Miller, in game sounds fun to me. And possibly some misfits music samples to listen to in game.

With, a side shot of being able to recolor cars and bikes, along with clothing. Otherwise the game is pretty fun already.
Thanks for letting me post through your post.
my one and only need; fov slider on console. whether or not it affects performance, should be up to the player if it’s worth it or not. please.
My list of suggestions too:
What should Cyberpunk 2 20xx contain!?

And yes, I know your needs, and see it most important to focus on the whole. One can do what you want which will be limited on the actual game iteration and the effect will be relative to the state limited in satisfaction. If you want the all and proper, you have to do more!
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I agree with every single thing you mentioned. The only exception being a huge shopping centre. Megabuildings essentially act as shopping centres in Night City, they're supposed to act as a whole complex with all its own shops, restaurants, gyms, services and, well, literally everything. So in lieu of a shopping centre I would like to see the megabuildings act like actual megabuildings and not just one or two tiny floors that make megabuildings feel like little else than a small apartment block.

I think this probably was intended originally to be in the game as there's a fully designed ground floor lobby where many NPC's walk around in megabuilding H10. You can look at it from the balcony and even get there with console commands and you can see shops and vendors around the place. I think they just didn't have time to finish designing it. Hopefully in the next game they will be more impressive and true to what they are meant to be.
On the Trauma Team Card: There should be more ways in general to buy things!
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For example: Mansions, Bodyguards or something like that
I’d like to see the option to save graphics settings under different profiles. I constantly switch between RT on with reduced visuals and off with higher visuals. We can do this on console so why not on PC…
In my opinion, I wish have more interation for the relationship in the dates. In my case with Judy. Have more things to do, eat something with her, take a Hug. give a more love for her... Things like that. And activate the Braindances that dont compatible with the Software for V. please 🙏
Can't make a post myself yet, so will ride with this in hopes someone with connections sees this 😅

Should have "Ticking Time Bomb"

If you pick CC, you are already heavily investing into cyberware, and choosing not to have the most powerful tools in the game at your disposal, sandy and cyberdeck.

TTB scales with the amount and tier of cyberware you have installed, so it would only make sense for these two, to be combined.

Let us be able to activate TTB if we have CC installed, this would give us a decent skill in both offensive and defensive choices, while still being "weaker" than the other systems, which still has access to it.
The only difference is that we would be able to choose when to activate it.

Yes with CC you can equip more iconics than if you choose a different system, but the difference in power as it works right now, is VAST, and the benefit of CC as it stands right now, is mainly for thematic builds, and not for "optimal" or hard difficulties

So please, let us be able to fully utilize CC in a way that makes sense within the established tech tree it is supposed to function with.
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