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For context, I'm an experienced modder and know what I'm doing. Pre patch uninstalled all my mods, upon 2.0 update completion I launched the game and it was working fine except for the fact that my "acquire perk" bind in my character screen was not working and displayed an "invalid input" where F or E would normally be, upon discovery I tried to reset the bind but it wouldn't let me so I went back to default still nothing. I assumed it must've been the Input Loader Mod files that were left over from vortex not removing it so I found the said leftover files presumably causing the perk tree glitch . I deleted those files and verified the integrity of the game. I then loaded the game and loaded my previous save which I have backed up, and that's when I wasn't able to get past the main menu. I kept reading my error reports (example linked at bottom) and trying to discern the problem. I disabled my cloud saves and deleted my local saves, as I thought it might be corruption, but no avail. I purged the game and all of its related files including all %appdata% files as to try and completely wipe the game, however upon reinstallation it persisted. I installed the new graphics driver, again no good. Verified integrity 5 times, nothing. Restarted PC 3 times, nothing. Reinstalled a couple more times, nothing. Disabled all overlays, nothing. Just running out of ideas, and starting to think it might just be a base code error. Lmk what y'all think.
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Forgot to add that I am on an SSD. So its not an HDD problem.


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