GFN / Geforce Now not possible to login in anymore for crossplay - browser windows not showing



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On Gefore Now you are supposed to login each time you start a session (unfortunate side effect of the new launcher, but doable).
But lately it stopped showing the browser window, not when you click the suposedly helpful 'if you do not see the browser click here" message!
Anyone else have this problem, or better yet: a solution?

I bought Cyberpunk plus the DLC for both the PS5 and for the PC (for use through GFN) and was able to crossplay for months between those so it definitely was working...

Any suggestions? Any suggestions for a way to get actual support on this instead of asking a user forum?
Same issue here. In addition to following the advice above, Geforce NOW offers a direct channel to the GFN teams through the "SEND FEEDBACK" option in the app: Submitting feedback through Geforce Experience, GeForce Now or SHIELD. | NVIDIA (

Furthermore, regarding the issue, you don't need to log in every time you start a new session. This only applies if you want to play on different platforms and need to use the crossplay function. Otherwise, after the initial login and claiming all the extras, you won't need to log in again.
Hello, I have the same issue since June 10.
According to NVIDIA, GFN limits browser access where possible due to possible exploits. I am still trying to explain that for cross progression it is necessary to be able to log in to the launcher.
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