Gig: No Fixer (Rescue Iris Tanner) Bug

I noticed that you can break the progression of this gig if you kill an enemy before getting close enough for Dakota to call you (which starts the mission). I used a smart sniper rifle to kill a hostile npc and Dakota's call to start the mission was never triggered. Iris and her van never spawned and mission was unplayable. Leaving the area and returning didn't fix the mission. Fast traveling away and returning didn't fix it either. I left the area, saved my game, and quit to desktop and still the mission was broken. Thankfully I had an old safe and triggered Dakota's call before I made my attack.

So basically don't attack until Dakota calls you for this mission.

Update: I found out what actually happened. I did snipe one of the bad guys and made the turrets friendly. But flanking up the pile of garbage to the southeast was the source of the problem. I guess you have to approach directly or towards the side with the garage in order for Dakota to call. If you flank up the southeast side and snipe everyone before entering the area, you never get Dakota's call to start the mission.
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