Gig: Breaking News won't trigger.

I don't know if this is related to 2.0 but the gig, Breaking news won't trigger when I go near it, Normally after getting to the area, Reyes would let me know to meet with Ted Fox but nothing happens. No call nothing, Tried Waiting 12 hrs away from the gig, ringing reyes manually then hanging up to trigger a convo which would work on some older bugged gigs and even verifying the games files just incase. Anyone got any ideas? It's not major but I'm a bit of a completionist and hate that it's blocking me from progressing to finish all his gig's before Phantom Liberty drops.
This is also occurring for me as well on PS5 on 2.0.

It’s the last gig for Reyes and I’ve done all other gigs for the other fixers. This won’t trigger. I’m currently at the point of no return in the story.

I’ve even tried loading a save from 20 hours earlier where I was over 15 levels lower and the gig still won’t trigger while going near it.

Waiting multiple hours, days, sleeping in V’s apartment, calling Reyes personally, approaching the destination from all angles, completely shutting down the ps5 and reloading it still did not fix the issue.
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I’ve also since done a complete reinstall of the game. Still isn’t working.
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Just like to add my voice to this.
Exactly the same issue since 2.0. Breaking News won’t trigger but what’s more is that Reyes himself has vanished completely. His icon is still on the map but no one is there when you go to visit.
I did create a ticket regarding the issue but considering Phantom Liberty released I doubt we will get any response for a while.
Exact same gig (breaking news) wont start b/c reyes wont call. Dumb since I left after game released because of bugs and there still isn't a way to force a fixer to call to start a gig.
Similar issue. I get the call from Reyes, but the NPC you're supposed to talk to never spawns. It's my last gig left to do and its killing me
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I've got a response from support telling me to back up my saves and do a clean reinstall, and if that doesn't fix the issue then only starting a new playthrough will help.
Starting a new playthrough doesn't work either. Reyes never calls you for Breaking News even if you rush there as soon as you can. Thoroughly broken since at least 2.0.
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