GIG: Serious Side Effects Bugged

Hey guys,

So I am unable to complete the GIG: Serious Side Effects Bugged.
It tells me to Deposit the Beta acid in to the drop point however there is no option to. It only had sell.
You can report it here:

(check out the info first, and if the issue still exists afterwards, click on "contact us" to send a ticket)

Overall, gigs can be bugged sometime. If you have a save game before completing the gig, I'd reload that and try again.
Hi there,

So I should have mentioned this in my pevious post but this is for the PS5 version.

Does the reporting link above also allow you to report bugs for PS5?

If not, Is there anyway to report it to the Devs for the PS5 version.

Kind regards,

The direct link is for the PC version. But as you can see, on the same website there are articles for all systems. All you need to do is click on the playstation button on the left and look for the same title.

See here:
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