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Please for the love of god add a way to get back into cynosure facility incase you missed canto mk6 and erebus crafting specs. Makes no sense you add an epic weapon shop that doesn't sell all epic weapons and blue prints. Doesn't make any sense. Personally this has made me very bitter with the game and i know others who missed it are pretty frustrated, it is the kind of thing that causes people to quit playing. Also my other suggestion is to remove sleeves being auto rolled up unless you have mantis blades equipped.
Yeah, it’s real annoying for me because I can’t even access the Erebus room because my Technical Ability is too low to re-route the power. I’m level 60 and need 20 Technical Ability, I only have 15. There is seemingly no other way to access that room either. So I’m locked out just because I didn’t spec my character high enough in that particular attribute. I hope they change that. It’s so frustrating.
I agree. I did one fork already in that quest in regards to the fate of So Mi, and when I realized I missed the Erebus blueprint managed to just barely reload an autosave, have 14 technical ability to realize it's broken, but need 20 to fix it. Which is hilarious because it the IGN guide, which I'm assuming is 2.0 it says 15 technical ability for the fuse.
Point of No Return in video games are complete BS and makes the player hate the game. They feel regret and they don't want to start a brand new playthrough especially when the game has a limited of 20 manual saves on consoles. and no character save partitions.
Forgot one tech there too during my last play ... it would be nice to have a way back, ideally if there would be still deadly danger with the need to hide regularly. But Cynosure is very likely purposely created as a kind of one-time exceptional affair ... it may be unpopular decision from players viewpoint, but from creators view it makes sense.
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