Grenades and scripts loot on 2.11

I started a new game on patch 2.11 (I have a game WITHOUT the Phantom Liberty add-on).

I noticed that after some time grenades and scripts stopped being picked up from bodies and boxes. I found a green tier F-GX grenade and it was updated. But when I later pick up the blue tier F-GX grenade, a message appears that the grenades have been updated, although the F-GX grenade remains green tier. I also found a blue Incendiary Grenade, but it was not added to my inventory.

I only have three grenades - F-GX, EMP and X-22. The rest are not added to inventory, although I found them several times.

A similar problem with scripts. I managed to pick up a couple of scripts, but after a certain point in time they stopped being picked up. A message appears that I picked up the script, but it is not in my inventory.

Just in case, I am attaching a list of grenades and leveling up Technical Ability (maybe this is a problem with the grenade skills). If this is a bug, then perhaps a save game file is needed?
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Just in case, I checked that if you buy grenades and scripts in a store, you can buy them normally. Grenades through the magazine normally increase their tier.


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