Gwent freezes in the Loading Screen (5 July 2022)

Gwent updated itself today and now gets stuck on the Renfry Loading Screen permanently. Please make a patch to solve this!
I played it for 2400 hours already.

Rig: Windows 10 (version from 2017), Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 (current driver), strong wifi, Windows Defender virus protection, Zone Alarm firewall (allows Gwent and gog).
We are currently working on a fix for the issue where players cannot log in. Please try logging in at a later time.

They posted that 50mins ago on the support page.
Same here via Steam. Reinstalled the game, my internet connection is strong even through inclement weather conditions.

Game still not loading. Now waiting for Twitter updates.

Thinking if the Black Sun actually exists and caused the game to not load LMAO.
Same here until I tried a refresh of the install. Now I get the unsupported version message. Also a ton of trace debug info in the galaxypeer file indicating there is a signal message
not getting through to a check for something.
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