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GWENT Open #3 date and participants announced!



GWENT Open #3 date and participants announced!

Save the date – the next GWENT Open tournament will take place on January 20th-21st!

Top 8 players of the previous Pro Ladder season will compete for a total prize pool of 25 000 US dollars. Make sure to join us on and root for your favourites!



Am I the only one concerned about Open#3?

I mean...sure the recent patch fixed some of the issues (there are still many), and leave the balance completely except the silver spy....

Is it really wise to start another tournament without further balancing knowing that a certain deck occupies 40% population? And with bugs that makes swarm of cards on board and heavily RNG based but still competitive create in the way......I feel like a live show of current state of Gwent is not a really good decision

less than 10 days away from the tournament....I guess there can't be any big changes on both schedule and game play now, but still I'm just here to share my concern.

I just hope we don't see Vreemde leader, or 60 points RNG swing, or "it's time" a thousand time, or slave driver drives slave driver drives slave driver.....

(Gwent in current state is great for casual game mode and Great Dandellion Show, but probably not competitive tournament..)


For those not aware, the player profiles are being posted over time on the twitter page:

Lyserus;n10223762 said:
I feel like a live show of current state of Gwent is not a really good decision
That's what we're getting. The difference is that each player can ban a faction to play against. So either Dwarves get banned (like spies did in the last Challenger) or you know the player has a few anti-Dwarf decks in their line up. By being able to ban dwarves, you could argue that the competitive scene shows a game not available to a low ranked player but it'll be an interesting watch.
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