How to improve quality of life

- Let player select all items before buy/sell/move confirm
- Let us know when we are about to delete an unique weapon that we cannot build without the old one and ask for confirmation
- Stop Talking and Interacting with the same input at the same time, I can't loot/open door or anything when someone speak to me on the phone without making bad dialogue choice
- Add a key for walking and drive slowly
- Add a key for dodge/dash
- Do not load all previous saves when saving, I make 35 saves by hours and have more than 2k saves now, it takes a lot of time when I try to save to load them all.
- Let us select default radio
- Better and more detailed sound manager
- Can change vehicule order in the call menu
- Smarter vehicule autopilot, also able to be called in a building
- WAY WAY Better intel journal ( it take hours to find the one needed to read for a quest )
- Where does the 90kg when my inventory is empty come from ?
- Craft x10 items (medics, frags, ammo, etc...)
- DIsplay price for cars in quest journal
- Quicksave is there but no quickload
- In photo mode stop displaying the grid everytime I take a picture
- Let us use your overlay omg
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