Suggestions for the cat

I love that we can have a cat but a couple of suggestions.

First, let us have the cat in whatever apartment we are currently using. Whether we have to call it for it to show up or just appears when we enter the apartment. Doesn't matter to me how it works but would really like the cat to be accessible in whatever apt I am in.

Second, can you add a couple of options on how the cat looks. A black and white version, a calico version, all white, all black.

I realize the cat is not an important part of the game, but would really like to see these two suggestions put into the game.
There are only 17 people still working on the game, the rest of the team has moved on to other projects. So it's very unlikely that this is something they'll add to the game, I would expect all future updates to be bug fixes only. They said the door is still open for new content, but only if it's a really good idea, and doesn't take away resources from more important places.

However if you're on PC, there are mods that do all of those things. There are mods that add a different cat to each apartment, a mod that lets you pet the cat, mods that replace nibbles with other designs. You can find them on nexus.
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