CDPR, please let us disable auto-selection of next mission

This is a suggestion for CDPR, not a bug report: please add the option to disable auto-selction of the next mission after we complete one. What I'm talking about is after I complete a gig for a fixer or whatever, it automatically switches to a main quest mission, even though previously I had NO mission selected. i prefer to play, especially when I'm exploring, without a big glowing yellow circle on the screen, so I often have mission tracking disabled, and it is inconvenient to have to constantly go back to the journal and de-select Lightnight Breaks or whatever. I don't want to do that mission right now. I'm vibing. I'm exploring. I'm having fun. Please don't make me. Thank you for hearing my feedback, and I love this game!
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It's really weird that a commonly requested feature finally got added after 3 years, but due to the mission auto-tracking it seems exclusively intended just for the final mission of the game after the player has done everything... pretty much defeating the purpose of the feature ^^
So this is not a bug but a feature?

I did a bug report about this a few days ago and the support asked me to provide a clip proving this.
As I'm not a streamer o. e. I unfortunately cannot do this.

If it would be only that quests would be automatically selected when I finished the one before.
But it happenend to me many times when I did a vehicle quest from muamar under pressure of time, when suddenly my destination was'n shown any longer because I entered a new area where an active main quest was automatically selected.

I hated this any time it happens!
Pawel was asked about this on one of the streams.

He said he'll see what he can do. I guess he didn't.

This is also an issue when you're presented with the choice of either persuing the lead after Hellman or Evelyn. Takemura says you can do either, but then the game immediately auto-selects Evelyn's path for you, and I've noticed many players don't even realize they can go after Hellman/Panam instead.
Not to necro a months-old thread but it is very irritating (to say the least):
I'm on a mission and moving towards the mission target. Then I received a call triggering another mission and this replaces my current mission target. Sometimes I didn't notice that (or rather late). I've checked my settings hoping to find an option to disable the auto-mission update (or what ever it's called). After reading this thread it seems there is not such an option.
It's not a big issue but often quite a nuisance to open the journal and select the mission again you are about to do. Would really appreciate if such a feature will be impemented.

Cheers Euclid
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